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...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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Ampcoil Pemf coil review - 

Ok, so I bought one of these to see if was really as good as they claim. It's 37 pounds and low wattage so after comparing the QRS mat which I have a head to head review with the Magemat, I have compared the Ampcoil to the Pulse XL Pro as that is my ultimate favorite as far as pure power. The Amcoil is the latest model that I have compared that is what I best describe as the next generation in pemf. If this was available before 2016, this would probably have cost 25 grand.

There is no clicking noise like the analog models on the early generation machines before 2016. I am reviewing the Ampcoil 3.0 (This is 100 times better than the 1.0 version that came out before 2016. The 1.0 version was still better than most of the brands at that time. 

The 3.0 Amcoil is claimed to not cause any herxheimer reactions like most of the pemf machines that people complain about. I have confirmed with nearly everyone calling me to just ask me my opinion the Ampcoil and those with Lyme seem to each say the same thing. I don't know why but nearly every Ampcoil seems to only be those that have Lyme.

Note: I do promote other brands that are very effective and a little cheaper but for those that don't want the flu type symptoms that people who call me that tell me that it doesn't happen with this one, this for sure should not give those symptoms.

Note: I urge those who have heavy metals that when they are released, organic sunflower lecithin can help eliminate the metals in the stool. The best is the sunflower lecithin from Germany. 

The shock feel that the early generation pemf machines gave does not happen on the 3.0 model. It is very mild but I feel it through my entire body the wave it gives. I use a Pemf mat also but this works in one session without me having to sleep on the mat the entire night to get the circulation benefit before my workout.

Another thing I like about the Amcoil 3.0 is that the session is customized to the person using it, not just an on and off and high and low switch. 

The settings are another thing that makes it different. They call them "Journey sessions". So, they are from a quick 3 minute session to a 33 minute session. Those that use the voice technology and really use it the way as instructed should not have any reactions when detoxing with this.  

The Amcoil is a controlled EMF machine. All the frequencies edited are below 10,000 hertz. This is not the type of EMF that comes out of cell phones and wifi.

Ampcoil 3.0 Strength: 
So the Amcoil power that I feel is different than the types that deliver all the energy in a jolt. The Amcoil wave I feel is a more continuous wave that I feel more like a constant wave instead of a pulsed jarring wave. This is not like the first generation Doug Coils, the Amcoil doesn't overheat or get hot after a hours of back to back sessions (at least what chiropractors have told me). The early generation pemf machines were not energy efficient and got really hot. Also, the Amcoil uses much less electricity unlike the other ones that drained electricity. It was like having 50 hair dryers on for 30 minutes. If people know what even the most popular pemf machines cost to run per session and calculate this over a year, many people would be surprised. There engineer told me why it uses less electricity but was way too technical for me to understand. It is a low gauss pemf machine as they told me. The high gauss is only needed for low frequencies (10 to 28 hertz). Most people that use these turn them up higher based on all the calls I get. Most people use pemf machines in the 60 to 100 hertz range.

With the Ampcoil I don't get any of the twitching that I get on the early generation models. Don't get me wrong, the XL Pro was my favorite machine. The magnetic field on the Amcoil is released differently than any Pemf machine I have used. It is so gently and doesn't shock me which is the one thing most people prefer. Many people that have sensitive tissues like how the high gauss machines help them but the side effect is this shock treatment. I remember them saying, if you want relief, then you will have to deal with the discomfort during the session. Also, on the early generation pemf machines, many people resist the treatment by tensing up so much to avoid the reflex.

I never minded the noise on the early generation pemf coils but for those that want to use this at night or don't want to disturb people in the home with that loud clicking noise for their entire session, the Ampcoil speaker works in 100% silence. Most people at first complain thinking it doesn't work since it makes no noise.

The Ampcoil also has a competitor that is pictured above. I have reviewed both of these and one is 4 times less in price as the Ampcoil. I do have a strong opinion on this other brand. I know what each of them are good and only good for. For those that need certain programs and not have any reactions may want the programs, those that are only using it for very specific things may want to get the other brand. I am not here to talk someone into spending more money to buy what they don't need. Many people are coming across both of these brands as when people type in Ampcoil as they came out about the same time as each other. So far, no other companies has the patent on this new technology. I have heard the stories on each brand from both sides.

I will let those who are comparing the pemf mats to the pemf coils on which I believe is the best for someone. Magemats and Qrs mats are good for some people. Ampcoils for other people. As of now, Ampcoil is the latest generation and I will update this as soon as any other brand comes on the market that I think competes with Amcoil. 

To see if the Amcoil is the right pemf machine for you, take my Pemf Quiz.
...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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