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Take the Pemf Quiz. I will pick out a pemf machine based on the answers you choose. I carry the most current pemf machines on the market and can compare them against each other.
​How many centimeters do you want the magnetic field to penetrate?
Do you prefer more fluence or more power?
Do you have a 15 or 20 amp outlet?
How high of a gauss do you need
Are you going to be running other appliances on the same outlet?
Are you treating a new injury?
Do you need a pemf machine that is portable?
Do you have chemical sensitivities or sensitive to EMF
Do you prefer a more simple or an advance pemf machine
If buying a Pemf machine, do you want a 30 day or longer satisfaction guarantee
For practitioners: Do you need someone to fly down and train you
How powerful of a pulse do you want?
Do you prefer a machine that is less noisy?
Which type of pemf machine do you want?
Are you going to be using this for better sleep?
​What types of injuries do you have?
​Do you have any chronic conditions, if so which ones?
​What types of injuries do you have?
Are you a health professional? If yes, what type?
Do you prefer a particular brand? If yes, which one?
Do you prefer a new, demo, or used Pemf machine
Would you like a Pemf consultation?
...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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What type of pemf machine are you most interested in?
If buying a Pemf mat, do you want a type that is ok to sleep on all night?