Magnawave Pemf Machines

​The Magnawave company makes the most powerful pemf machines I have tested so far. Until the Max model came out, the XL model was my most powerful model from the other company I used to promote. Again, I do not promote any brands that are not FDA tested, and not have approvals that people don't have to hide from the government and be on guard that at any time the owner of the pemf machine has to stop and desist from using it in the office. (UL listing, CE). 

The Magnawave is the most popular among those that use it for horses and then chiropractors. I never hear any complaints about Magnawave other than they are expensive. I will try to discount the best I can to whoever is interested in the Magnawave. I now carry their B2 pemf mat. I finally had the chance to test this mat out against the Bemer like they did and wanted to see what was true or not.

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...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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I no longer promote the Pulse brand pemf machines. After our research we have decided to promote the Magnawave. I no longer promote any pemf machine that has a risk of being shut down and my customers aren't allowed to use it anymore.

Magnawave B2 - 500 Gauss - dual separate machines inside
The new Magna Wave B2 is the most powerful mat on the market I have tested. It can be turned down to low gauss also but it is around 15 times the power of nearly all the other mats I promote. Many people like it for the pemf treatment on their body while others like it for sleep to get the delta frequencies the machine gives out so they can get a deeper sleep. The B2 also uses solid state technology unlike most of the other mats out there. The B2 can be set to up to 8 hours which many people like to go slower instead of a fast 10 minute session. It also comes with the paddle. I really like this attachment. This has a 3 year warranty and I offer a 30 day trial for anyone that wants to try it. No restocking fees if you get it and don't love it.
I have found that the easiest way to conceptualize the Pemf industry is by breaking it down into a tiered rating system. 

About 90% of customers end up purchasing a Pemf machine from Tier 2 level. The rest choose a Tier 1 or Tier 3. Tier 2 is composed of companies that use very confusing marketing for their brands. The reason is because 90% of those brands in this tier are actually “Re-brands” coming from the same few manufacturers in China. So these brands are almost identical to one another and so each company just makes up claims and marketing hype to appear different than their competition. 

For this reason I have divided up Tier 2 into two sub levels, A and B. The lower the tier the more drawbacks it has versus benefits. So Tier 2B would have maybe a limited warranty for example versus a Brand from Tier 2A.

Rating System based off the following:
Warranty, Standard vs Solid state components, How Clean the materials (off gassing chemicals), Power rating/fluence rating of the coils for electrical output, Generation of Pemf, EMF level, Cold Spots, Deliverance of joule in nanoseconds, and Customer Service. If you want specific information on each brand and how it rates on each of these categories please ask. 

Tier 1:
A -- Magnawave, QRS 101, Magnetic,  (These have the most intense fluence, lowest electro-smog, and frequency range).
B -- Pulse Centers, Ampcoil, Bemer pro, Sentient Light
Tier 2:
A --Magnapulse, PEMF 8000, Magmat
B --PER 2000, E Pulse Magnetics

Tier 3:
Maggie, OMI Mat, 
(90% of PEMF machines are re-brands from same four manufacturers in China and most machines fall into this Tier)

NOTE: I tell people 98% of the health benefits of being in a Pemf are not related to a high powered machine.

I am of course happy to consult with you by phone, email, or text to help find the best brand and model for your unique set of needs. Please look to us to be the one stop solution to figuring out how to choose the right Pemf machine without getting a headache in the process.

Please know that we always seek to have the best sale price out there.
Speak soon, Jake
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