I already know about PEMF because I have most of the pemf mats on the market. I originally had the original one from someone that sold me one at the New Life expo. That is how I hear about these things. I stood at their booth and asked people who have had one and every person and I mean every single person that had one said good things about it. I learned more hanging out at the their booth than any research I have done. I found out which protocols people were taking with their mat.

In 2008 I picked up PEMF as I was learning how to increase my body voltage. I used ZP pendants and lasers and made about 2000 videos doing my research (if anyone wants to see my videos I can send you a link). I have several channels.

So I think I have a knowledge of PEMF after doing all the reviews on my pemf mat. I know how to keep my voltage very high with zero point radionic stickers (I have several thousand of these in case anyone wants one). I was paying 60 dollars a sticker and I finally met the guy who makes them and he charged me 400 dollars for anything that would fit in a shoe box. After that, they found out I was putting the stickers on the tips of lasers pens and selling them and gave away the secret on how the zero point laser pens were made. Others were selling them for 300 dollars each. I sold them for 20 dollars. 
If anyone wants one of these stickers let me know. I will send one for free. I will call you personally and send you one.

I put the sticker on my pemf mat also. It is a game changer once the sticker is on there.
Before making this site I was considering making a Pemf mat review site. There is less confusion over the the mats since so many people that are looking for one usually have tried it at a friends or at a clinic. The real confusion was over Pemf generators while every manufacturer I talked to said there's is the best and why I don't need to more power. I have bought all the main competitor pemf mats and given them to my family members to see if they work with their health problems. I have sent people to clinics that have solid state types as well as the older types. I know which ones are the most effective and which are quicker and which are too powerful. I agree that there is a lot of training needed. Even with the best Pemf generators out there if it's not used right it won't be as effective. 

If anyone has questions about the pemf mats please email me your questions on my contact page. There is a lot of mis information out there and I have enough research on these that hopefully I can clarify. Remember, raising the voltage is good as long as the body can handle it. Turning up the mat on the highest level is the biggest mistake. Raising the body voltage also has to do with how acidic or alkaline the body is. Many people also use an o2 concentrator while raising the body voltage using Pemf. Some people find that doing lymphatic exercise along with Pemf helps. I like to sweat first and raise my core temperature before doing any protocol that involves putting energy into my body. Also, if the body is full of sludge blood, then who cares if the body has better circulation if it's just going to circulate toxic blood more. Most people do not know if they should release the waste first by lipolysis or remove the waste that is already in the lymph system first. It's like so many people that buy pemf mats have already tried infrared saunas, rebounding, and nothing worked. How can you remove the waste by rebounding if the waste has not been lipolized and not released yet. Also, so many people buy the pemf mats and want to get the micro circulation. I urge people to get a 10 dollar pulse oximeter. They are really cheap. Some people's reading are super low and I caution them to really know what they are getting into before buying a pemf mat that is going to circulate blood that I believe needs to be fixed first.

There are many Pemf mats out there that all claim their mat is the best. The original mat and QRS mat are my Tier 1a mats. I do promote some of the cheaper mats like the OMI mat when it is called for. Take my Pemf quiz if you want to get help picking out a mat that will have just the right power, fluence, and frequencies that you won't adapt too quickly. Take my Pemf Quiz here.

​Note: The newest version mat is the model that I have the most experience with. The older pemf mat according to all the people that used to have it that now have the newer pemf mat said the effects only lasted about 3 to 4 hours. The new one according to people I talk to lasts about 12 to 14 hours. Those with very poor body ecology often tell me different stories. It really depends on how much of the blood is sludge blood. There are many people that contact me who have Lyme. I do promote the QRS mat but the mat and QRS are both Tier1a mats (see my home page for this). They are just different. Choosing one really depends on the reason buying it. Some buy for pain or tissue repair. Others want it for working out and not getting tired as easily so they can transport more oxygen. Oh, by the way, I urge everyone to buy a bottle of Boost oxygen. It's a little 10 dollar bottle that gives about 100 breaths of 95% oxygen. Amazon sells them. I don't recommend using this until the sludge blood is gone. I did a promotion with these and have cases of these for anyone that wants a free bottle. Use my contact page to request one. They won't let me sell these as they were only to be given out. 

So, back to the older mat, the new mat is different. Once they changed the signal, especially the plus signal, it does the 10 and 20 hertz frequencies together and that makes it different than any other mat.

I will say that for new people, it really takes about a month or longer depending on the blood voltage, if under 97% on a pulse oximeter, acidity of the body, etc). Those that use it on high can have severe detox symptoms. I have went on vacation and on the 2nd day I really notice the difference if I am not using my mat. I still feel great but slightly sluggish when doing high intensity exercise and martial arts. I notice on the mat some but on the QRS mat the most. I get different benefits from my original mat what I don't get from my qrs. I feel the difference more in my workouts if I skip the Qrs unlike when I use the mat. I know the difference very well. I know what super circulation is like and most people I talk to are used to normal circulation especially on the standard American Diet. Those that have sludge blood usually don't realize it till they try one of these mats.

​Also, with the mat, my dog will get out of his dog bed and start scratching on my bed to get up as soon as I turn on the mat. I mean the second I turn it on. He starts barking. He doesn't do this with the Qrs mat. Just the pemf mat.
animals sense. Pemf signal.. my dog will get out of his dog bed and scratch on the bed frame to get in bed the second I turn it on.

So, also with mat, they are in a contract with NASA. Those in space suits can't move around a lot and it's hard to keep up circulation in a space suit so they have this mat product in their suits now and circulation problems are something of the past.

​Note: If using it for muscle recovery and someone is a professional athlete then I would probably recommend a mat that doesn’t just have an electrical massage and a more frequency massage. Thats the best term I can use without making a claim.

Another thing when trying to see if the original mat or a different mat is the right one, I urge people to really decide if they have time to set aside during the day or several times a day depending on someone's reason for using pemf is that some pemf mats are designed for sleep and deliver the energy at a lower intensity and some are designed to be used at intervals. Those that do not have a lot of time during the day may want to consider this before picking out their pemf mat. This is another thing that separates my original mat and my Qrs mat.

I also like pemf mats that don't generate a lot of heat and neither of these mats do that even on the highest level. Their power is pulsed just long enough so the element in the at do not get hot. The really cheap pemf machines can be so warm that they are uncomfortable.

NEW: See my new page on how to choose a pemf mat below). I will help anyone go over real difference between the different pemf mats. There is NO best mat. They are all different and some are better for certain reasons. Someone with Lyme or MS I would recommend one type and someone who has a lot of daily pain I would recommend something different. Please take my pemf questionnaire before calling. Take the my Pemf questionnaire here.

Pemf Consumer Guide
MAGMAT mat?   QRS mat?  OMI mat?  Bee mer mat
Confused on what each company is telling you?
Is each company telling you theirs is the best.
I know the differences. I have used them all.

Contact me to know real answers to your questions.
If I believe a coil type is better I will tell you. 50% of the people get the mats, 50% get the coils.
People that really need a coil type should get a coil type and mats are better for certain people
​Click here to read my Pemf mat review page
I have about 200 of these ZPE stickers that were donated to give out. Call me if you want a free sticker. I will mail you one. Also, there are some Pemf mats that create a lot of EMF and I avoid and do not promote pemf mats that are high emf mats. Also, electrosmog is something different. Sometimes there has to be this smog to get certain frequencies but if someone wants a mat that we tested that has zero electro smog, let me know on my quiz link below or contact page. This is the thing that most of the new pemf mat companies are trying to switch away from along with high emf mats. 
...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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 Pemf Wisdom Page here
What they didn't tell me
...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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Ask for Jake
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Pemf Mat  Wisdom - stuff they didn’t tell me

​So this is the page that everyone has been wanting me to write. Everyone is scared to talk about these things, like what happens if there is too much micro circulation, what happens if there is too much lipolysis, what happens if the gauss level is too high and what level will kill off the weak cells and strong enough to raise the folate of the cells that are healthy. This is the main side effect that people try to stay away from. But, if used on a lower level based on someone's starting voltage it can be just fine. It all depends on the person. I never turn my mat over 2.5mg. Anything over 2.5mg according to the World Health Organization 

EMFs are measured in milliGauss (mG). The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you limit your exposure to 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG. When you are three feet away from a microwave, you are exposed to up to 25 mG.
(That was taken directly off their site word for word)

On the pemf mats, most people use it in the beginning under this level but most people don't know what the level is that exceeds the safe level.

Some people buy 2 mats for their use, either 2 put one on top of them and one under them so they can turn it down in half. Many people buy 2 mats not just to get double fluence from top and bottom but put 2 mats out on the floor or bed side by side to get more coverage. In some instances this is something I would recommend. For others, I would never recommend this. Also, depending on the resonant effect of a mat, some companies only have half body mats and these have extreme resonant effects.

Here is a picture of a half body pemf mat that came out as the first solid state pemf mat, (My original mat came out nearly 20 years before this one. The QRS mat was the original. Each mat has it's own pros and cons which I can go over them for those who want to review them).

I wrap my Vital Organs - My pemf mat Vital organ Wrap

Side Sleepers - Get a double mat
I show how many people get only half the benefit of the mat when their arms are off the mat and legs are off. 80% of the lymph vessels are in the legs. Unless using it for the resonant effects, there is no need to use a double mat.

Double Mats on bottom -
Many people use a pemf mat on the bottom and on top of them. But, having 2 on the bottom gives more fluence if just focusing on one part of the body. Most people do not talk about this as the recommendations are for keeping the body from having any type of detox reactions. That’s why most people say level 1 to start with. I do lymphatic exercise and can stay on longer. The recommended settings based on my research are just strong enough to avoid Herxheimer reactions. Most people aren’t heating up their core 2 to 3 degrees before going on it or draining their lymph like they should.

Side to Side pemf mats - Many people are positional intolerant and cannot just lay flat with their legs strait and arms tucked into their sides. Many people have 2 mats side to side so their is more coverage so they can lay on their side with their arms and legs more spread out. In my video I show how when using the mat on the sleep setting when I wake up I am half off the mat until I had 2 mats.

Is a pemf mat better on top or below you? So many people lay on it and turn it to level 10 to treat deeper into the body. The frequencies the higher it is turned on is just amplified and can get distorted the more energy that is put into it. The resonant effect diminishes the higher the intensity. So many people turn it up past level 3 and don't really know how to use their pemf mat. When using it on level 3 which I rarely recommend anyone going over I keep it on top of me nearly every time I use it if doing the 8 minute sessions. If anyone really has a need to go over that, then having more fluence I believe is more important than intensifying the frequencies just to get them to go deeper. It is not more frequencies, the length just increases. It's like having having tiny sine waves vs large sine waves.Doubling the sine waves is not the same thing as doubling the size of the sine wave.
Using it at Level 10 - 
Beware of trying to raise the voltage of the healthy cells but at the same time wanting to preserve the weaker cells. High EMF can lower the weak cells but trying to not kill the cells just to strengthen the cells that are gaining voltage. Those weak cells that have a slight chance of surviving based on what I have researched should not be on used on the high mat settings. This is why instead of putting it on level 6 I use two mats on level 3, one on top and one under. For just a few hundred dollars more to get a 2nd mat makes a night and day difference in electrosmog.

ZPE Pemf mat - I put zpe stickers on the bottom of my controller and the mat itself. I have one sticker under the bottom near the foot and one near the top. Those who haven’t experienced the zpe sticker and have only been using the mat without the stickers will be in for a surprise after a session with the sticker. Having carrier wave pick up the frequencies from the sticker is a game changer. Those who are sensitive to energy should be able to know when the sticker is under the mat or not. (I have over 400 videos showing these stickers going to health and wellness expos and have them all up on youtube.

Never sleep on mat:
Many people who want to keep it on the lower levels to avoid high emf prefer to treat their vital organs instead of laying on their back. Many people turn the power to level 6 to 10 so the magnetic field reaches above their body when laying flat. Most people that I talk to always lay on their back and have to set the settings up high to reach their whole body. I like to use 2 mats, one on top of me and one under me to avoid having to turn the power level up. The higher the level the more EMF which I try to avoid along with distorting the frequencies at very high levels depending on which mat. The back muscles can block most of the field that many people want to reach their vital organs.

Ripple and AC current is what I try to avoid at all costs. When it is not plugged in it is working on DC current instead of AC current so the ripple is avoided and the 50/60 hertz that I try to avoid. Those that want to keep it plugged in all night should use a mat that has zero EMF or has a built in controller that is shielded so there is no EMF.

Level 3 Pemf mat - I never use it over level 3
This is at the level of the frequencies closest to the Earth. Over that when the gauss levels get high the waves can get distorted but the positive thing is that they can go deeper in the body. Another reason why I don’t turn my mat to level 6 and instead buy a 2nd mat for about 500 dollars and turn both to level 3. Level 3 is the closest to 7.3 hertz.

Level 4 to 10: ONLY and only when I am in pain I turn it up this high but not the mat. Note: I do not recommend for sick people to use it over level 1. I do not recommend going over this level unless doing it for a week. Overdoing it can make certain people sick. Most people are releasing but not removing the wastes and they don’t even realize it.

Pemf mats on the bed: Yes, most people do it but

Rather than turning the mat up high and getting a higher EMF, I keep the mat at intensity 3 and wrap it around my body. Many people do a double session for the lower and upper body. Remember, if not doing lipolysis I see no need to do the legs unless there is a specific reason that is off label.
Once people realize why I would never use a pemf mat plugged in I doubt people would use it plugged in after knowing the truth.  (unless its a shielded type)

I take my pemf mat to the park and let people try it. The battery lasts all day.
It is possible to sleep on a pemf mat but those who toss and turn at night can accidentally bend the coils. There are other Pemf mats I recommend for those that are going to be using it on the bed instead of having to preserve the mat on a hard wood floor. The copper coils are about the size of the sunglasses in the picture I took.
Comfort: those that are going to use this on a hard floor or firm chair won't have a problem. But, if sleeping on a bed and the person's weight is on the coil it might not feel good when your shoulder or hip is digging into the coil at night. These are made to be used on a hard surface.
If sleeping on the mat or using it on the bed and if over time the wire starts pulling due to the weight, they can be fixed or a new mat can be bought. I urge people that are going to use it in the bed to consider this. The mats that are able to be used in the bed are the metal mesh mats that are not based on coils like this type.

I can help those who are looking to get the right Pemf mat. Those that are looking for something to deal with inflamed or painful areas who are dealing with more serious issues like broken blood vessels and are in the healing state and not the degenerate state may want a solid state type mat. There is only one solid state type that I recommend for those that aren't just only looking for micro circulation or lymphatic drainage. Below is a picture of the solid state mat. It goes up to 545 Gauss and is a half body mat. This is probably the highest end solid state mat I have used. The controller is 100% solid state and doesn't have the older spark gap. This is not the type of mat to sleep on. It is used for doing short treatments. Those looking for micro circulation and using it long term may not want this type. This is more the type that someone rents for a few months until they don't need it anymore unlike the pemf mats that people use every day. 

I only recommend this mat for temporary use. Many people rent this mat who don't want to buy it. Most people who use this mat use it for about 2 months who are in the healing state and then return it and buy a long term mat. For those who end up buying a long term mat I will refund the rental fees and apply it to the mat that you buy from me. 

Comfort issues:
If the coils that amply the signals are not evenly distributed, it makes it uncomfortable for me to sleep on it. The mats that I won’t mention brand names but the coils dig in my my body and the edges of the coils are like pressure points that are super uncomfortable. I only recommend the mats that do not have separated coils. That is the first generation type that is still on the market today. Nearly 80% of the mats made today have eliminate the copper coils that are not recommended to sleep on. Most of the people that use pemf mats sleep on them and end up having to get them repaired around the 1 year mark if it is the single coil type. Also, the 

Cell voltage: I recommend everyone testing their voltage to see if the mat is working for them. Most people that contact me for pemf mats are not in the -75 to -100mv range, they are usually closer to -60mv and about 10% of my customer are in the danger zone around -20mv. These are the people that are the most skeptical because they have tried so many thing and still their body voltage has gotten so low because they don’t know the “order” to use the products they already own (saunas, rebounders, etc). Not to sound judgmental but the people that are in the lowest voltage never end up buying anything from me and these are the people that probably need a pemf mat the most.

Emf and electrosmog:
Electrosmog is the bad frequencies. Most of the best mat have really good frequencies but they mix them with the bad ones. The latest generation mats have eliminated the electrosmog frequencies. 
I only promote pemf mats that have no electrosmog and very low emf (must be under 2.5 milligaus). The mats I don’t promote have the 50Hz -60Hz frequencies. This is the electrosmog that I am taking about. 

I have tested the Bemer mat, Sedona mat, QRS 101 mat, Curatron mat, Mag mat, and several of the Chinese import brands that totally failed my tests. I tested each with my gauss meters and the QRS 101 mat was the only one that the meter didn’t show 50-60hz frequencies. I still don’t know how it is removed from their controller.

Best explanation on how a pemf mat that has the right frequencies can work without making any claims:
The way to tell if a pemf mat is working is if you can test your partial oxygen pressure and see if it changes. It should change the first 2 minutes of being on the mat for nearly every person. This is the amount of how much oxygen someone has in their blood measured in their mercury pressure. If it creates a high level of partial oxygen pressure, then the mat is doing its job. A super healthy person is about 96 mm mercury while someone not so healthy is around 60 to 70 mm. The mats that do a really good job should thin the blood and change the viscosity which can be proven under a lab test before and after (a viscosity test). When blood is thinner, more blood oxygen can be delivered to the cells. As many people have the Oura ring, it measures how many breaths a person takes per night during sleep. The app that goes on the phone will tell you if your breathing rate is slower and deeper. The deep breathing is involuntary and this can increate the partial oxygen pressure very quick at night.

​WARNING ON CERTAIN BRANDS:  I do not promote the brands that the controller has high EMF (not analog models) that the controller I would never recommend keeping by the bed on a table. Many people get certain pemf mat brands and the controller is on the bedside table and give them enormous amounts of EMF that I tell people to avoid. These usually have an AC transformer. If using these I have no problem as long as they are placed far away from the mat. I recommend pemf mats that have external power transformers.

A good mat should send the frequencies at least a meter in all directions past the mat surface. So, if in bed with another person, with certain brands that can do this, I don't recommend a 2nd mat or a 2nd controller if it can only be used with one mat at a time. The QRS mat, which is a super high frequency mat, I have had people not even lay on the mat and lay next to it for 24 minutes and they say the same thing about their experience as if they were on top of the mat. The frequencies go in all directions.

As far as what the blood values that a lab test would show someone, it should NOT change on the first session. It takes about 4 weeks for the value to change. I would test my partial oxygen pressure before and then 4 weeks after to see how much the mat made a difference. As far as pH levels, this usually takes about 6 weeks to notice a difference. As far as calcium and magnesium, this usually takes about 4 to 6 months to see any change that certain people are looking for. This is a nutshell explanation that I have called people back to see based on the studies if what they claim was true based on my reviews from people who bought from me in the past. 

The easiest way to see if a pemf mat changes someone's blood pressure and to see test it 2 minutes after being on the mat. If using it for 10 minute or even an hour, that shouldn't make any extra difference since all the works is done in the first 2 minutes as far as seeing if it will change someone's blood pressure. To see if the mat changes the pH of the body there are pH strips that can be used which costs about 6 dollars for 100 strips.

Note: high gauss is one thing and frequencies are another thing. Most people get confused on buying a high powered mat vs getting a lower powered mat but with enormous frequencies coming out.

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