The QRS Pemf Mat: "Quantron Resonance System"
The QRS mats are the most expensive non MLM mats I have found but if someone is looking for super high end, this is the brand. Many people do not like the price and want the cheaper mats that cost around $2100. If someone does not want the pillow pad or the QRS pen (see below) I can discount. Some people do not want the pillow pad and some people just want the qrs headphones or qrs goggles and have no use for the mat. 

I can give even a bigger discount if someone wants a mat and a controller from the customers that don't want the mat. Most people get the mat and the Pemf Pen. The QRS 101 mat also has a 6 month return policy. Many people find that it takes a few weeks to increase their micro circulation especially when they have sludge blood and their lymphatic system is holding a lot of waste.

The QRS pemf mat has the most frequencies of all the pemf mats I've test and has the lowest gauss. (.3 mG). The highest gauss import mat we reviewed has the highest mG. But if buying a mat for frequencies the QRS has the frequencies that are way more advanced than any other mat I have tested. Many people want the highest powered mat and I believe they should look for a TENS machine or a machine that is based on an electrical massage. The QRS is more of a frequency massage. Most people don't even turn the power level up above 1/2 a gauss. Those looking for higher powered mats should do more research and usually do not know about the magnetic frequencies and are just basing their purchase on high gauss levels. Nearly every person I have to explain the reason why a highest gauss import mat has over 100 gauss and the QRS has less than 1 gauss. Most people that do their research who are not looking for a higher charged mat will understand why a lower gauss mat is more expensive with more coherent frequencies. It is very confusing when each manufacturer I come across all trash talk the Qrs mat and say there is no power to it.  The original QRS mat came out in 1995. The QR 101 mat is the latest version. 

Note on EMF: I urge people who plan on using their mats not just for temporarily healing but who want to use it for microcirculation on a long term basis to not turn mats up on the high gauss levels over 2.5 mG. Anything over 2.5 mG is not safe long term according to the World Health Association. The Qrs has less than .05 on the EMF scale. Other mats have 30mG to 60 mG. For short term use I don't see a problem but for long term use on other mats I have on my site I urge people to buy an EMF meter to test the EMF during the free trial period where the mat can be returned if someone is sensitive to EMF electrosmog. A microwave is rated at 50 when testing the EMF with an emf meter and some mats are rated at 60. Long term is what the problem is. 

To see if the QRS Pemf machines are right for you take my Pemf Quiz.

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...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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For my review on the QRS Mat and comparison to the Magmat, Bee mer and other mats, see my current review page.
Pemf mat itself:

Those that have questions about the mat....

The mat weighs about 8 pounds. This is made for chemically sensitive people. There is no vinyl or polyester. This has no off gassing and does not smell like a fabric store when fresh out of the box that some have a very strong odor. The Qrs mat is very comfortable and can be rolled up. It has a single monocoil instead of having 6 to 8 separate coils. Those types have to be folded. There are no cold spots on the Qrs as the mono coil distributes the pemf field evenly throughout the entire mat. If you take the meter and go all over the top of the mat it will not make the needle go up and down like the ones that have large spaces between the separated coils. The QRS is made of cotton so it is the most comfortable to sleep on. It is harder to sleep on the pemf mats that don't have a mono coil. The qrs mat is flexible since it has one single mono coil. The stiffer pemf mats are much harder to sleep on and in the middle of the night on the ones I tested I had to push it over to sleep on my soft mattress. With the qrs mat, its like a mattress topper and is very comfortable.

​Contact me for my lowest prices on new Qrs mats as well as new or demo loaners. Before investing a lot of money for skeptical people, my loaners are 100% free minus the shipping. I charge a fraction of the cost for a deposit. For those wanting a brand new qrs mat on loan I require a 50% deposit which is also refundable. The loaner offers are only through my site and a bonus for going through me instead of my competitors or the manufacturer. As a dealer I also offer the 6 month return policy.

I also have discounted prices for those that do not want the demo trial and who are ok with a 5% restocking fee to use it for 6 months. With the Magmat and high gauss mats and the Ampcoil and Element models, it is hard for someone to make a decision and take a gamble on buying something with high restocking fees so we will keep offering this service as long as we can.

For those who want just the Pemf mat and pillow pad and controller, that is what comes as the standard set. I will give discounts for those that want any accessories with their mat.
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The QRS goggles...
So, these goggles look cheap but one session with them I could not believe what they did. My eyes felt heavy like my nerves and blood vessels all around my forehead have never felt oxygen before. The flushy feeling I get is the best way to explain it. I often bring just the glasses and the control box with me when I go to cafes and after sitting there for a few hours my eyes are strained after staring at the computer. People look at me like I am crazy when I do a session as it seems I am just staring away.

All the muscles in my eyes are eased like I just got a hour cranial massage. I will not make any claims on these glasses but in other countries if people go to youtube (Germany is where they are made), people can find all types of testimonials and claims and blogs talking about these glasses. I did a test where I was extremely tired after seeing a late movie and watching it till 2am.  It is hard for me to watch a movie normally this late. All I will say is that my eye muscles can handle almost anything when using these glasses. Not to put the mat down which is why most people get the QRS but I work on computers all day and my eyes are super strained at the end of the day. I do a goggle session every day, sometimes twice a day. I need it while others might have vision problem or inflammation or puffiness but whatever the reason, I make no claims which if it was up to me I would share. When selling any Class 2 medical device there are restrictions on what can and cannot be said.

​Note: those with eye disorders (which I can't say the names), a large percentage of the people that buy the QRS from me only want the goggles and control unit. I can discount the mats that are returned from people that don't have microcirculation problems or are using other things like infrared saunas or Ewot or other devices that help with micro circulation. The mat is not the only thing I use for microcirculation but is one of the most effective.

I buy cases of these goggles so I can discount them for those buying just the goggles and controller or the whole mat set. After one session using the goggles people who need them usually become addicted and use them every day. People who are over 60 years old give me the best feedback. Those that do not have any eye problems who do not have inflammation or those generally who have a pulse oximeter reading that is very high should not have any need for these.

Demos: Contact me to see if I have any demo glasses. I let people borrow the goggles to see if they like them when I have demos in stock. These are serious pemf goggles for those who have strained eyes or need them for reasons I can't advertise off label reasons for.

I measure the EMF on every mat I review. The QRS has the lowest emf of any mat that I tested. Only a few mats are zero to negligible EMF when measured on the EMF meter. The qrs has passed my emf test.
QRS 101 head phones - Pemf in each ear -  (QRS headset  is available on demo with mats when I have demos in stock. Call me to see if I have any demo QRS headphones).

I don't have ringing in my ears so I wanted to see if these really worked. At my marital art school I know people that have Cauliflower Ear and they have ringing all the time. So, I let the person borrow it for a few weeks. He ended up buy them my demo pair from me and said it did not entirely stop the ringing but the ringing is much lower and didn't bother him as much as it did before. These headphones do have other uses that I cannot mention due to what we can and cannot say on the website but if anyone has any questions I will try to answer them about these headphones. The headphones have a 6 month return policy. I have only gotten returns when people think its going to cure something that is not something these are meant to cure. I urge people to try them instead of calling me trying to asking questions in 5 different ways to get me to suggest a claim. If they work, buy them and keep them, if they don't they cost 10 dollars to ship in a flat rate postal box. It usually doesn't take 6 months to figure out if they work or not. The glasses most people know after the first session. You either know if it worked or didn't.
Qrs Pemf Pen: 2.0 (The 101 model has the latest version. 

The QRS pemf pen is what most of the people buy along with their mat. The qrs pen gives off a super intense magnetic field and is laser focused. All the frequencies that are in the mat are concentrated in the tip of the pen. The light acts similar to a carrier wave for the pemf frequencies. I can feel this all the way deep into my muscles. It is super powerful. This pen as been around a long time and it has been improved over years since it was introduced. I tried the older pen model and the newest model is way stronger than the original model when it first came out. The Qrs pemf pen is most popular for people wanting to spot treat areas like wrists and shoulders who really need to concentrate the energy. My neighbor got her wisdom teeth removed and she would not give the machine back for a week. She said there is no comparison to using ice.

For those who have used the QRS pen in their doctor's office who do not want the Qrs mat and Qrs pillow pad, I can take the controller out and sell the controller and pen as a set without the mats.

Note: I do not take returns on the pens. Those who have prostate issues who are using my demo pens rectally can try the machine out for 6 months trial but I will not take the pen back. No one has yet to return a pen but those who have prostate issues must come from the same blog as I get asked the same question each time on how long to insert the pen. So, all sales are final on pens for sanitary reasons.
...because every company said they had the best PEMF machine

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This is the ring that I use to track my sleep.

We offer a 180 day money back trial 
on all QRS Pemf products.

We guarantee the lowest price on the QRS Mat.

Ask about our DEMO mats at reduced prices to try before you commit to buying a pemf mat.


There are still many of these circulating from the late 1990's and this is not the newest QRS model that we carry.  

This does not have the 2 timers, the relax and vital mode settings.

This was a great machine 20 years ago but the latest model is way more advanced than this ever was.

I use my QRS every night on the relax mode going to sleep and the vital mode before I wake up.

The latest QRS 101 model comes with the mat and pillow pad and controller.

Contact me for my availability of demo models at reduced prices.

Ask for Sharon or Jake when you call at 1-877 573-4647.

Those that want to do more research on the QRS, look for the field study Munich University did with 30,000 people that have QRS mats. They did nearly 100 case studies. Dr. Pelka was the professor that did this study. This was done before the QRS mat was on the Dr. OZ. show that most people buy pemf mats have seen.

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